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My name is Greg Greiner.

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About Me

I am a Stanford Senior

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Born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA I went to St. Bonaventure School and Ocean View High School. I was Valedictorian of Ocean View's 2010 class. The summer after my junior year of high school I started working at Advance Capital Resources where I learned most of what I know about online marketing. Later that year the CEO of ACR and I started Bob's Watches. Bob's Watches was built as an exchange for pre-owned Rolex watches and quickly became larger than either of us imagined it would.

In September of 2010, I enrolled as a freshman at Stanford University. At Stanford I continued my work with Bob's as well as working for Stanford's startup accelerator StartX and a startup At StartX I headed up marketing and advised both StartX and the companies in the program on online marketing and design. At I worked as a "Growth Hacker", working to grow their customer base through collecting, qualifying, and segmenting users. I was also President of the Stanford Men's Club Volleyball team. I will graduate in 2014 with a dual major in Management Science & Engineering and CS.



















Growth & Development 80%

Branding 60%

UX Design 78%

Online Marketing 95%


  • Visually
    November 2012 - Present
    > Working to systemitically grow new marketplace > Wrote scripts to automatically qualify, segment, and gather leads > Worked with various APIs including Google's Prediction API
  • CRV
    October 2012 - November 2012
    > Worked directly with George Zachary > Analyzed companies' teams, products, potential, and reach > Received work through TC Contest
  • NewsBare
    June 2012 - September 2012
    > Designed and created news reader > Dynamically updates with images from top news stories > Responsive design. Works well with mobile and touch devices
  • Stanford
    June 2012 - September 2012
    > Worked with PhD student and professor > Analyzed video game industry
  • StartX
    March 2012 - November 2012
    > Advised companies on design and marketing > PM'ed creation of new website > Lead all marketing campaigns
  • Bob's Watches
    May 2009 - Present
    > Co-founded eCommerce company > Managed online marketing, design and development > Grew site to well over 100k uniques and millions in annual revenue
  • Teen Cerebral Palsy
    2009 - Present
    > Created community CP centered around award winning blog > Optimized the blog for search engines > Had the blog featured in major publications
  • Advance Capital Resources
    June 2009 - Sept 2010
    > Product managed the dev of websites > Drove sales through online marketing

"Freedom lies in being bold" -Frost

"Make each day your masterpiece" -Wooden

"The shortest answer is doing" -Herbert

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Skills I've learned from school and work



CS6 / Paint.NET



html5 / php / more



SEO / Growth Hacks

  • Web Development

    nextWeb Development

    > PHP

    > HTML / CSS

    > Ruby on Rails

    > JavaScript

    > DOM

  • UX Design

    nextUX Design

    > User Testing

    > PS / Paint.NET

    > Wireframing / Storyboard

    > Iterative Design

  • Growth


    > SEO / SEM

    > Content Creation / Marketing

    > Conversion Optimization

    > A/B Testing

    > Growth Hacking

  • Branding


    > Logo Design

    > Brand Strategy

    > Domain Selection

    > Brand Recognition Campaigns

  • Other Dev

    nextOther Dev

    > Java

    > C++

    > C

    > UNIX

  • Product Management

    nextProduct Management

    > Product Ideation

    > Product Mapping

    > Contractor Management

    > Iterative Development

    > MVP Development

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Favorite Watches

The best Rolex watches according to me


  • The Pepsi
  • $4,995

The Newman

  • Holy Grail
  • Priceless


  • The Classic
  • $5,695

Gold Daytona

  • The Gentelman
  • $18,995
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Past Projects I've Worked On

  • Bob's Watches

    nextBob's Watches

    Designs Done for

    Various designs done for in different stages of the company. Major shift on website to larger product images.

    View Full Project
  • NewsBare


    The Creation Process of NewsBare

    From idea to mockup to actual creation. Various designs as I went through the process of creating the site.

    View Full Project
  • Simple Task Manager

    nextSimple Task Manager

    Created for Palantir MindSumo Competition

    Contest winning design for MindSumo competition created by Palantir. Tasked with designing a simple todo list app for an art student.

    View Full Project
  • Stanford Projects

    nextStanford Projects

    Various Projects Done for Stanford Classes

    Projects include personal analytics app developed for HCI class and mockups of an events finding app.

    View Full Project
  • StartX Projects

    nextStartX Projects

    Projects Completed While Working at StartX

    Projects included website redesign as well as poster and flyer creation for both physical and online marketing.

    View Full Project
  • ChatTank


    Designs Completed for ChatTank Project

    Designs and mockups for ChatTank project. ChatTank was an interest based video chat network.

    View Full Project

Want to work together?

see below for contact info

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Feel free to get in touch on any channel


Greg Greiner
531 Lasuen Mall
PO Box 13896
Stanford, CA

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